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Foundations Program


The goal of the Foundations Program is to work with your thinking, breathing, hydration, nutrition, rest and movement to restore your natural alignment (physically and emotionally) so you truly have the capacity to DREAM and take the next steps towards living it.

What's Included

  • Consultation

  • Intake Assessment

  • Postural and Physical Competency Assessment 

  • Lymphatic Assessment & Treatment

  • Ongoing co-creation of dreams, goals, objectives and core values that drive decision making 

  • Personalized Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching 

    • Cultivate a deeper connection to the body and its needs​

    • Transform limiting beliefs 

  • Personalized Physical Foundations Programming

    • Improve Posture - teaching the body to be in proper alignment

    • Improve Deep Core Function - building a stable and dynamic foundation

    • Improve Movement Efficiency - developing physical capabilities and resilience

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions (online or in person) (2 hours/week minimum)

  • Monthly Reassessments 

What's Required

  • 3 month commitment to the program and process

  • A willingness to make changes

How Much Does it Cost

  • $1200/month*​​

*depending on what your assessment reveals and your reason for coming to see me, I may suggest additional weekly coaching sessions at my hourly rate of $120. Please note that I will only ever suggest things that I truly think are necessary.

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