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Six Foundation Principals

Below you will find a brief and basic overview of the six foundation principals as I have come to understand them. Each topic could be expanded on immensely. In working together, we will explore them deeply. 


The most important aspect to a lifestyle change happens between the ears. First we become aware, and then we get to decide. From there we look into some of the following curiosities to cultivate greater awareness and health of your psychology:

How do you talk to yourself? What are your subconscious beliefs? What are your core values? How do you make choices in your life? What is your DREAM? What do you tell yourself? What is your mindset?

When you master your mindset, absolutely anything you want is possible.


When we consider what is essential for sustaining life, breath is at the absolute top of the priority list. Human beings can go days with out food and water but only moments without breath. To say it's important is an understatement.


Take a big deep breath. Where did it come from? What does it feel like? Are you breathing correctly? Do you notice your breath?


In the human body, there are about 10 billion biochemical reactions per second, ALL of which depend on water (Chek, 2020), and just 1% dehydration can cause adverse pychological effects.


So with that, are you hydrated? What is the quality of water you're drinking? When are you drinking water? What products do you put on your skin?


Food is much more than fuel; it's information about the environment, it's sustenance, it's pleasure, it's an external form of life force.


The first phase of digestion is actually choosing the foods that are right for your body and the prior choice is deciding to take care of yourself.

I will help you learn the messages your body send, cultivating a reciprocal and life affirmative relationship with it. You will also develop an intuitive connection with your body so you can more easily make choices that align for you.


Movement is medicine. It’s a place for expression, growth, learning, exploring, playing and finding flow. It can also be something that dramatically improves a persons quality of life, experience of the world and chances of “making it” as an athlete.

Oftentimes our movement practices are quite unbalanced and used as a form of punishment. Most resources go toward more yang or work-out activities (weightlifting, high intensity workouts, sports). These work-out activities cost a lot of energy in the system and if left unbalanced with yin or work-in activities (breath work, tai chi, zone exercises), folks can experience burnout, adrenal fatigue, chronic or reoccurring injuries, and plateau in their performance among other symptoms.

We always want to work from a strong foundation of movement beginning with correct breathing patterns and proper core functioning, while creating balance between your work in and work out practices.

“Gains" from training happens when resting. If our rest is shit, then our digestion, assimilation, recovery and mental health will be negatively impacted as well. There are three main types of rest: active, passive and complete.

So with that, how much are you sleeping each night? What is the quality of the sleep? Do you feel rested? Are you intentional about building relaxation into your life? 

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