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How it Works

You are unique. Your program will be too. 

(without name) LFM Connection Foundation

We begin this process with an intake and assessment.  This assists me in identifying the areas within your movement, nourishment, psychology and rest that may be causing the most distress. From there I can bring forward what I think will be the best plan of action for you to achieve your dreams, goals and objectives with lasting, aligned and meaningful changes.

We will work with the six foundation principals to create harmony and balance within. This will give you the energy, capacity and passion to dream, love and live fully. This is the ultimate self care, and when we take care of ourselves, we have the capacity to offer our gifts to the world from a congruent and authentic place. 

We are a team throughout our time together and when you commit to me, I invest in it being a true win for you. 

Six Foundation Principles



The most important aspect of a lifestyle change happens between the ears.



Food is much more than fuel; it's information about the environment, it's sustenance, it's pleasure, it's an external form of life force.




When we consider what is essential for sustaining life, breath is at the absolute top of the priority list.

In the human body, there are about 10 billion biochemical reactions per second, ALL of which depend on water.





Movement is medicine. It’s a place for expression, growth, learning, exploring, playing and finding flow.

Gains from training happen when resting. If rest is poor, then digestion, assimilation, recovery and mental health will be negatively impacted as well.

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