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"Years of working at a desk had contributed to my sluggish metabolism and weight gain. Being in my fifties, I had accepted that physical deterioration, such as my emerging mobility issues, was a fact of aging. Nikki Dunlop opened my eyes to a new reality. In fact, she helped me to transform my mind and body.  I realized my views on aging were debilitating and holding me back from a full and healthy life. By working together to set goals tailored to my needs, and by following Nikki’s customized fitness program, flab became muscle, fat disappeared in a steady, safe way, and my mental state and attitude improved. Through her knowledge, her tremendous ability to motivate and help develop lasting routines that are fun - and effective - Nikki changed my life in invaluable ways"

- SC

"I started playing with Nikki years ago. I say playing instead of ‘working with’ because from our first session I knew the experience was going to be different. And it was. She coached me in movement for sure and it was hard but always enjoyable. She supported me no matter what and pushed me where she knew she had to. 

Through intentional movement and positive conversations Nikki was able to see the limits of my body and my thoughts. She didn’t allow negative self talk and always reframed my laments by celebrating achievements and reminding me how far I was progressing. Skillfully and gently Nikki took me to my limits physically while always assuring me I could do whatever I set out to do. She taught me that mind, body, and soul are in constant möbius motion and that strength and health in one area has benefit for all areas of my life. Her Instagram posts provide me with exercises to enhance my movement regime as we are far apart now but she is always there to chat if i need her.  She has guided me to reading certain books, attending healing centres, and has supported me in literally changing my thinking to be open and grateful for the tiniest of things, and it has made all the difference.  

Nikki is a bright light in our sometimes mixed up world.  She continues to lead me to paths that enhance my human form and most of all to practice self love so that I have the time and energy to support others.  Nikki didn’t just encourage resilience, she supported anti fragility, and for that, I am forever in her debt."  

- CL

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have trained with Nikki.  Her approach to training was firm but not overbearing and disciplined but adaptive. She listened to my goals, helped me to make sure they were realistic and then worked with me to achieve them. I left every training session feeling both challenged and successful. But the best part about working with Nikki was that I trusted her to always have my well-being in mind – not just my physical well-being, but all of it!

- AL

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